Movable debarking and chipping plants for forest industries

- A complete plant which supports industries at longer stops, or as complement in order to increase debarking and chipping capacity





The first movable debarking and chipping plant in Northern Europe

We have, together with American expertise developed a new line of movable debarking and chipping plants. The plants include infeed, drum, outfeed, stone trap, log wash, metallic detector and a 20 ton disc chipper. It´s completely driven by direct coupled electric.

Endurance Sweden manufactures Rubber tire supported drum debarkers in diameters of 9’ 11’ and 13’.



Revolutionary technology

Each piece of equipment is custom designed to enhance and complement the requirements of your plant. The entire system is tailored to suit the specific debarking/ chipping needs of your industry, wood species, for the lengths and diameters of materials to be processed.

Endurance Sweden is unique for its patent pending technology. The drums have a double rotation option, one more aggressive option for harder debarking and one softer option, all to get the optimal debarking for your needs. At the rare of the drums are hydraulic gates mounted, to control the level in the drum, also to affect and control the debarking and bark levels. Production rates are dependent on the type of infeed system, drum size and species of material to be processed.

Over 300 installations have been completed in North America, covering a great variety of material, desires and needs. Endurance Equipment LLS in Alabama and Endurance Sweden AB have a tight cooperation in order to meet the customer demand wherever its needed.


The Endurance 101 complies with the European Conformity (CE) marking which is affixed to machinery that will be used as part of a production unit. The CE marking symbolizes conformity of the product with the applicable Community requirements. CE is the manufacturer or suppliers’ self-declaration allowing products to circulate freely within the Community.

Endurance 101 meet the essential requirements of Directives 2004/108/EC (EMC) and 2006/95/EC (product safety), and comply with the relevant standards.

For more more information please contact dealer and/or manufacturer.

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